Monday, 20 June 2011


"Please shift a bit; I have no space in here."
"I am trying but there's no room to create any further more space dear, we need to adjust here."
Hey, bro, why don't you try and fold your legs a bit near you and sit silent in that position."

You know I am "anjaani" meaning not known and that's my brother "anjaana" that means unknown for male.

We R twins.
We are 2 1/2 months old.
Our mother is interior designer and dad is a building engineer. I would like to be grown up and become as my mom and dad, Very successful.....

"Shut up anjaani"
"you are in a dreamland, don't' build your own fantasy land, your dream-house, stop dreaming" can’t you see mom and dad are confused, they have not yet decided, they are still not able to take any decision whether they have space for us in their life or not? They are not sure about us.....

"What do you think?"
Well, I don’t know. Yes I had heard dad talk to mom, they can’t afford one more in this house. "Oh God! We are two."
So what mom said?

Nothing she was crying, being a mother she can't torture and trouble her kids. There is a big decision awaited out there??????....

"I am feeling terrified."

"I too am feeling terrified."

They don't have much time to think. If we turn 3 then it would be dangerous for mom to let us get away from her."

"Please sis, don't cry. Can’t we find some other solution?"

"OK, be patient and stop thinking so much for a while. Just stop worrying and remove all these thoughts from your mind. This is a amniotic bag not a living room. 

Hey, shoo!!!! That's daddy's voice, he is coming, keep quiet...."

Dad: "what happened, darling, are you OK?" are you not feeling well?"

Mom: "Yeah! feeling tired and nervous," nausea too."

Dad: "OK tell me how many days of your sick leave are left?
Mom: "I think 9......Darling why don't you listen to me."
Dad: "The early and quickly we do this its better for us    and you too dear."
     Full time jobs, a growing kid at home, our future project of our firm together. This will be much, too much for us."

Mom: "but that too is our baby."
Dad: Please darlings don’t cry. That’s the only option. Let’s face it. We are not ready for one more right now."

Mom: I know dear, even i had thought of it. I know I don’t have time to baby sit one more child. Oh God! Why did this happen?"
Dad: "There's no way accusing God. I think it’s me who needed to be more careful."
Mom: "It’s our entire fault. That hurts that it could have been avoided. That’s a mere torture."
Dad: "anyways, think over it. You really look tired. You want to have some juice?"
"Mom does think about us! She cares for us! I wish I can go and hug her tightly."

I wish I could tell her, be strong mom, be brave, don't lose hope. You will love us mom. We will also make you proud when we grow up...."

"Uff! What’s this noise, who's this?"

"That’s big brother back from cricket practice. Do you think I could grow up to be like him?

"Well may be. But I want to learn piano..."

"I would love to hear my sister play. Those beautiful, slender fingers on keys/........."
Dad:"How are you dear now? Are you sure you are alright?"
Mom:"Sort of, i am too afraid right now."
Dad:"Let’s talk to ur gynae now, what she says. We have too lil time to think. Honey I don’t want to lose you, and if we are late in our decision then.....................

Mom:"it makes me feel sick."

Dad:"dear pls, what else can we do."
gynae: I will first of all tell you all the procedure details to you both. Firstly we will sedate you.
Mom:"will I get to know doc?"
gynae:"no, nothing." don’t worry, then we will take u to OT and then i start.  Don’t you worry; you will be done in an hour. You will be admitted for a day, post-op observation, and you are free to go." I hope you both have understood everything, the involved risk is also clear by then."

"Yes doc"

Doc: yes, I will recommend you an antibiotic course so there is no chance of any infection post-op. we will take care for everything.

"Yes we understand doc"
Doc: ok then I will see you tomorrow morning. Hope u had completed the formalities.
Sister:"madam pls take this tablet and lie on bed."
dad:"come now, close your eyes and sleep as sister has asked you to."

Mom:"I am not able to sleep."
Dad:"stop thinking about it."
Mom:"why can’t there be another solution?"
Dad:"dear, if you really don’t want we could call it off."
Mom:"That’s so sweet of you, but I know this baby is wont fit in our present financial condition.
Dad: this won’t last long."
Mom:"Oh, God, I wish I wouldn't have to do this."
"anjaana, where are we?"
"I don't know but whatever is the place, i am not feeling good at all. u come near me, i don't want you to be all alone."
"hold my hand, tight, and don't leave me."
Mom is in deep and peaceful slumber....
I can hear mom's heartbeat concentrate, they are so touching, seems as if she is talking to us.

Mom:"Aah! Please let me go. Please."
Dad:"sweetheart, relax everything will be over soon."
     I am here only waiting for you."
Mom:"I want to go home. I don’t want to stay here. My baby!"
     Is somebody there please remove these tubes. uhhh.....
Dad:"Doc, is she fine, she seems terrified."
Doc:"Don’t worry"
Dad:"Please take care of her I can’t see her like this."
Doc:"Don’t you worry, she will be fine."
"Hey! get up! see there's some light coming inside.'

"And what’s that long thin thing, it seems to be very sharp."

oh, God, it seems they have come to take us away."

"Hold my hand, bring ur legs near, and come up."

"Hold on tight."

"Owwwh.....My right leg has been torn! Oh God!,it hurts!"

"That ghoul is coming again near us."

both legs gone! oooooh

""It has taken my right hand......Uhhhh....OOOOhhhhh!!!!"

"Oh what's that moving, thats pulling us out."

"Wait Wait."

"Let’s throw our weight against it, try push behind."

"No use sis, can’t do anything, it’s too big as compared to us, no strength remaining."

"OH no, please hold me bro."

"Oh god what happened, where are you??????? that metal monster is coming again, i am coming near hurts......."

Doc:"That's it; pass me the sponge, please. 
     Thank you.
     Continue drip till evening, now you can transfer her to the ward."
Dad:"are you alright dear?"
Mom:"it happened so quickly, I need to sleep.....I am feeling giddiness, feeling tired also."
Dad:"I was so worried for you, thank god you are alright. Are you feeling any pain?"
Mom:"Pain..???No I didn't feel any pain at all."

I hope the 2 souls will find a better place now........

Monday, 6 June 2011

Leaf's Odyssey

Spring is back
So comes back the new tiny leaves on tree
The fresh green leaf highlighted by sun
fresh, raw, unripe, immature leaves

and there was one my leaf
which started its journey from tree branch
right now its admired for its beauty for its freshness
soon it will turn brown, it will grow up

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